1. -Why doesn't the car manufacturer offer the advantages of an ASE Chip?
expert option vs iq option The manufacture programs their cars for different worldwide conditions, as different kind of quality of fuel, that's why the manufacture programs their cars to operate with low-octane fuel.
When installing an ASE Chip, we recommend using high-octane fuel (92-93 octane) to achieve full potential in HP and Torque.

2. - By installing an ASE Chip, Will I be able too continue using low-octane fuel?

No!  ASE modifies the ignition timing, or other words, advances the spark.
The engine is required to run on high-octane fuel.
Not doing so, the engine will PING on acceleration which may cause damage to the engine.

A different engine that translates into a more agile car in any driving conditions.
Power will increase by 10 to 30%, it depends on the engine the car is equipped with, e.g., normally aspirated, Forced induction (Turbo or Supercharged).
In addition, a noticeable top end speed (Removed Top Speed Limiter).
On General Motor vehicles, higher shift points can also be expected.

3. - What can I expect after having had an ASE Chip installed in my car?

4. - Does this ASE chip require any special treatment for its maintenance?

expert option withdrawal limit NO! Just follow the regular scheduled maintenance of the manufacture.

5. - Will the ASE chip VOID the car's manufacture warranty?

NO! The Dealer will have to prove or provide evidence that the after market part caused damage to the engine. Besides, the chip is an electrical part, not a mechanical part. The person behind the wheel of the car is responsible on how the car is driven. Remember you're pressing the throttle!

6. -  If I sell my current car, is it possible to remove the ASE chip in order to re-install it in a new car?

No, unless your new car is exactly the same model, with the same computer number.
Remember that ASE chips are programmed  with the information that matches a specific computer box code and it only works with that number.
We do not develop generic chips that are allowed to be used in similar engines.

7. - Are ASE Chips compatible with any other kind of after market modifications?

expertoption demo account Yes it is, except for the case in which such modification had are too aggressive, e.g., Turbo, Superchargers and High profile Camshafts.

8. - Why is an ASE Chip usually more expensive than its competitors?

NO! The ASE  Chips are OBD-II compliant, which means the chip will not affect the emission sensors or  effect the driveability.
Also been OBD-II compliant means the dealer can access the ECU and not detect The ASE Chip.

9. - Will your chip affect the engine in any way or harm the sensors?

ASE Chips is an elite chip tuning company, NOT a company that “Jumped the “Band Wagon”.
ASE has more than eighteen years of experience in designing chips for European cars and Motorcycles, also domestic vehicles.
ASE chips are programmed in 3-Dimensional (3D) software where different loads are applied; Part throttle and Full throttle are some examples.
ASE guarantees the satisfaction of their chips to perform as advertise with a 30-Day Money Back guarantee.
ASE is not here to sell a chip and turn their backs by giving the old excuse, “NO RETURNS ON ELECTRICAL PARTS”!
ASE offers quality and has every chip available for 1996 and later vehicles; From A-Z manufactures. ASE Chips does not offer “Piggy Back” adapters that offer little or NO gains.

10. - Does the ASE chip work with Nitrous Oxide Systems?

NO! The ASE Chip is designed too work for normally aspirated engines with out Nitrous Oxide.
Nitrous Oxide requires more fuel and less ignition so, it's not recommended that the ASE Chip be used on a Nitrous Oxide engine.

11. - Can ASE make a custom chip for Nitrous Oxide Systems?

ASE offers a chip that only removes the speed limiter for people that are using Nitrous Oxide or have plans in doing so.

12. - Why is it that your Grand Prix GTP chip only offer only 9 HP and the Grand Prix GT receives 22 HP?  I heard that the forced Induct engine gain more power?

Correct, forced induct engine gain more power with a chip if Turbo Chargered.
Since the GTP  uses a Super Charger we can not control the BOOST levels like it done on a Turbo.
To gain more BOOST on a Super Charger, the pulley must be change too a smaller diameter.
By changing too a smaller diameter pulley, more boost is gain and HP/Torque as well.
Using the ASE chip and Pulley you can gain up too 1/3 more HP and Torque than the pulley alone, increasing your HP too 35-40 HP give or take. Other modification can alter the performance  numbers.

13. - Will your chip work with the TPS modifier/enhancer. ?

NO! We don't recommend the use of  them, using them will adversely affect the performance and Void the warranty of the ASE Chip. The ASE controls all parameters of these sensors/senders making no need for aftermarket enhancers.
14. - Can I use the a Shift Kit with your Chip?
NO! The ASE Chip modifies the Transmission line pressure and shift points, doing so will damage the transmission. To much transmission line pressure is obviously bad for transmission.
15. - Is the ASE product a CHIP or a MODULE?
The ASE Chip is a CHIP, not a MODULE! Chips have been proven too be the most affective way too gain more power out an engine through electronic means. Modules are another way of  gaining HP but, it is very minimal for the reason that it does not have it's own mapping. The Modules take information from the ECU/PCM modify it but the modules are limited too information it receives from the ECU/PCM not removing the speed governor and many other tables the Modules can not touch.